About Nathan Blackburn

Tenor Nathan Blackburn has firmly established himself as a young professional in the worlds of classical music and musical theatre.

"I’m surprised his name is Blackburn. It should by rights be Blackbird. He sings like the sweetest warbler in the finest garden; when you hear those notes, you stop everything else and listen."
Edwina Currie, 2015

"I've very much enjoyed listening to your singing. The top range of your voice is really lovely & its really exciting to imagine what your voice will be like in a few years when it matures more. Lots of hugs, Katherine x"
Katherine Jenkins, 2012

"I enjoyed working with you very much. You have talent and you're a nice person. Can't ask for more than that."
Johnny Kennedy, 2014

In addition to UK concert performances, he has performed lead roles in UK theatre tours of "Her Benny" playing the role of Adult Benny. Nathan has also played principle roles in ABD Production's "Peter Pan".

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